Due to COVID -19, we will not be holding any tours during the 2020 year. Our tours will open to the public starting on May 1, 2021, and run through Nov. 1, 2021

Bettendorf Castle will continue to host large group tours. Starting from May 1, 2021, through Nov. 1, 2021, The Bettendorf Castle will host private group tours on certain dates for smaller groups. If you would like to book a tour, available dates/prices will be posted on the website and instructions to follow. The guided tours will take you around the exterior grounds of the historic castle and you will learn about the builder (Teddy Bettendorf) and how he built the various features of the castle, the history, and future plans for renovations to help preserve the castle.

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for more details and information!


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Our tours are perfect for all ages! Whether you are a castle lover, a fan of local history, or just enjoy being outdoors, this is the perfect tour experience for you!

Tour Reviews & Testimonials

  • This is a great place to tour with your family! The owner is very informative when telling the history and stories of the castle! You and your little ones will be astounded at the whimsical beauty of the castle when you visit for a tour! It looks like you just walked into a real-life fairytale! The owners are very nice and kind! They will surely make your experience unforgettable! I highly recommend taking your family to visit this hidden gem!
    Tina Marie
  • Yes. It was fun. Very interesting that it was built by one man and took over 30 years to build it.

    Pat W.

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