Welcome to Bettendorf Castle

A unique space for the whole family to enjoy!

For a Once in a Lifetime, Never to be Forgotten Experience, Spend Some Time Within the Realm of Bettendorf Castle


Overlooking the town of Fox River Grove offers spectacular views, dozens of magnificent mature oak trees, unsurpassed landscapes & natural beauty of the land. This fortress includes towers, turrets, a moat, a drawbridge, a dungeon, fountains, and spacious yards that each offer a unique view of the castle.

A Rich History

In 1931, Theodore “Teddy” Bettendorf immigrated to America from Luxembourg. Overlooking the town of Fox River Grove, he began building a castle that took over 36 years of dedication and hard work. As a boy, Teddy learned his masonry skills from watching a historic castle being rebuilt in his hometown of Vianden, Luxembourg. In his building of the castle, he collected stones from such places as local farmers’ fields, stone quarries, and the excavation of Lake Julian. In addition to the castle itself, there is a water-filled moat, a wishing well, a working drawbridge, an outside bathroom and sink, an outdoor fireplace, an observation tower,  and a courtyard. Since its completion, the Bettendorf Castle has been used as a honeymoon suite, for the filming of commercials, various civic events, and as a private residence.


Creating Unique & Memorable Experiences

418 Concord Ave. Fox River Grove IL, 60021